Picklogger device in use.

Agri Technovation's Picklogger V2


If you're not familiar with the Picklogger project you can read more about it and its origins here. In that project, which we refer to as Picklogger V1.5, we took the original Picklogger and redesigned its hardware and firmware to improve its produceability and manufacturability. In this write up I'll focus on the changes made in the Picklogger V2 project, for more details feel free to read the Picklogger V1.5 write up (theres also some nice photos and data to look at).
The Picklogger V2 project's focuses were two-fold:
  • Drastically improve form factor (for the US market).
  • Resdesign and rethink the cut-detection mechanism.
The resulting product was a PCB that was a third of the size of the original and a new cut-detection mechanism that was able to detect cuts based purely on the acellerations of the scissors' handle during a cut.
My role in this project was to design the hardware and firmware for the new Picklogger. The shear size of the hardware made that component challenging especially considering that it was my first hardware design project of my career. I was also in close contact with the industrial designers to ensure that the hardware and enclosure were compatible.


On the front side of the PCB we have the following components and features:
Picklogger and an orange.

A render of the front of the Picklogger PCB.

Things are a bit more busy on the back side of the PCB. Many hours were spent finding components that were not only small enough but also readily available.
Picklogger and an orange.

A render of the back of the Picklogger PCB.


South American Workers.

The raw accelerations captured during a twig cut.


Things Learnt

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